Gift Registry

This is where you might expect to find us asking for towels, bedding and china, but we are fortunate to already have all the stuff we need! What we don’t have are memories of an epic trip around Southeast Asia. Very early on in our relationship, while discovering all that we had in common, we were surprised to learn that we also shared the same idea of what would be the trip of a lifetime – a multi-month, multi-nation journey on the other side of the world.

If you were planning on getting us a gift, we would love your help making our fantasy a reality! While our trip is still very early in the planning stages, and we want to make sure to leave plenty of room for spontaneity, there are also some things that we know we don’t want to miss. Please click the link below to see how you can help us on our honeymoon!  We’ll be updating the registry as wedding plans start to give way to more honeymoon plans.